Hungry Shark Evolution: 5 Tips & Cheats You Should Comprehend

5 Assistance/Hints/Cheats you deserve to recognize for Hungry Shark Evolution!

1. 1st Things 1st – Watch those Free Video Trailers for extra cash and gemstones

• Before you head out into the sea and start wreaking havoc, be certain you faucet into the free coins and gemstones shop. which you could find it by tapping the diamonds complete choice (it’s found close the correct hand nook on the evolve screen). day to day comes with a select number of trailers to monitor. You’ll be granted one gem for each video you decide to watch.

• As you watch these videos, you’ll also be granted a hundred cash per watch. Make this an everyday prevalence before you start playing. however be warned – there could be days when there won’t be any video clips to monitor.

• Be sure you just like the video game’s FB web page, too. You’ll benefit 5 free gems for doing so.

2. The gold standard ways to take care of huge Enemy Crabs

• Colossal Crabs can also be found on the fundamental map by way of finding each and everyone’s lair on the left-most area. simply are searching for out those dungeon entrance gates for these massive boss fights.

• A fully, leveled-up Megalodon Shark can contend with huge crabs tons easier, but that you would be able to nevertheless take them down with other sharks. for example, you can buy the Crab kind accent and deal greater hurt to tremendous enemy crabs. observe that the larger the crab, the longer the range of its attacks are.

• Provoke a large enemy crab, make sure you keep away from its pincer strikes three times to expose its glowing vulnerable factor. Pull off a lift assault anytime. The gigantic enemy crab’s susceptible aspects will exchange colors to indicate its fitness (eco-friendly ability full health, orange ability 50-p.c fitness and purple ability near dying).

3. Get yourself a child Shark!

• Child Sharks are superb when you consider that they swim alongside your main shark and support you devour whatever’s on your method. which you could release a child shark by using procuring it with both cash or gemstones. when you choose your main shark for play, go into the shop for the shark you need and buy its baby shark version.

• So far as baby shark stats go, check out the whole listing below:

– Baby Reef Shark: +5 Stamina (expenses one thousand cash)– baby Mako Shark: +10 Stamina (charges 20 gemstones)– child Hammerhead Shark: +15 Stamina (fees 60 gemstones)– baby Tiger Shark: +20 Stamina (expenses one hundred thirty gemstones)– child wonderful White Shark: +25 Stamina (prices 300 gemstones)– baby Megalodon Shark: +30 Stamina (fees 900 gemstones)

4. Make it a dependency to compile each day Reward Treasure Chest generic

A FB FAQ for the game noted that avid gamers should still be sure they collect the entire sweets considered in the day by day Reward Treasure Chest:

• Within the tunnel below and to the left of where the Reef Shark starts is the day by day treasure chest. It opens at nighttime and offers 100 coins on day 1, 200 cash on day 2, 300 coins on day 3, 400 cash on day four and 5 gemstones on day 5 earlier than beginning the cycle again. neatly price a brief trip the usage of the Reef Shark daily!

5. TAKE capabilities OF THE GOLD RUSH!

• Every shark that you’ll control has a distinct facet complete that’s vital to attain a certain milestone. every shark additionally has a different amount of time where the Gold Rush facets multiplier stays active. You may want to purchase some shark add-ons that lengthen the time length in your shark’s Gold Rush.

• When your Gold Rush is lively, go nuts and just feast on as many creatures as viable earlier than it goes away. in case you access to the video game’s complete map, then you should make decent use of your Gold Rush features multiplier via swimming into the bottom correct most element of the online game’s world. There’s a very good volume of Gulper, Blob and Angler Fish to feast on and get extra facets for.


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