Monster Hunter World Ice borne Update 13.50 Patch Notes Tested


Capcom has unleashed the Monster Hunter World update 13.50 patch notes that you can digest, which is now purchasable for PlayStation four and Xbox One models of the multi-million selling action video game. It clocks in at around 500MB.

main Additions / alterations



  • Kulve Taroth has been delivered to the master rank.
  • Arch-tempered Namielle quest has been delivered.-both can be found as event quests for a limited time.




  • improved the number of weapons that can use the layered weapon function.
  • expanded the number of bases/components for layered weapons.
  • Appraisal weapons can now be upgraded at the Smithy.
  • Appraisal weapons can now be created at the Elder Melder.
  • New Pendants delivered.
  • bought item Placement choice delivered to the options menu.




  • Appraisal weapons at the moment are simpler to attain from the Kulve Taroth Siege.
  • Incandescent Weapons now produce greater rarity weapons more with no trouble.
  • here charms were delivered: assault charm V and Evasion appeal V.


Computer virus Fixes and stability adjustments



  • fixed a controversy the place the order of the research requests would alternate when submitting photographs in an undeniable order.
  • mounted an argument the place a participant would obtain a penalty and not be able to enter yet another participant’s room below certain conditions.
  • fixed a controversy where a low drop expense item was displayed within the wings rewards chart of grasp rank Rathalos.
  • mounted an issue where you might set layered armor while having full armor equipped if executed in a certain order.
  • fastened a controversy the place a participant’s look would reveal unintentionally when using particular gestures within the Gathering Hub.
  • fixed an argument where the number displayed on some hairstyles when altering your look would fluctuate counting on the character classification.
  • fastened an argument where, under definite circumstances, gamers couldn’t settle for the next Recon task from the Gathering Hub’s Pub Lass after completing the quest “across the lost direction.”
  • fastened an issue where, when certain conditions had been fulfilled, an accomplished icon can be displayed on analysis requests that had no photo.




  • fixed an issue the place, below certain conditions, definite monsters would behave unintentionally when beginning a turf war.
  • mounted an argument the place, beneath certain circumstances, elements severed from Raging Brachydios would go into an area that players cannot enter normally, as a consequence now not allowing them to carve for rewards.
  • fastened an issue where the explosion impact from blast factor would no longer sync as it should be with definite monsters all over the on-line play.
  • fixed an issue where below definite circumstances, livid Rajang’s behavior would become erratic if the closing a part of its pin assault is performed on the breakable ground.
  • fastened an argument throughout the Safi’jiiva siege the place, if certain steps were taken, targets would seem completed despite the fact that they had no longer been.




  • fastened an argument the place, under definite circumstances, the Third Fleet master hairstyle would screen unintentionally.
  • mounted an issue where equipping the Tracker’s hairstyle along with the Pearlspring α+ head armor would trigger the player persona’s look to reveal unintentionally.
  • fastened an argument the place equipping the male Direwolf layered head armor along with selected hairstyles would cause the participant personality’s look to reveal unintentionally
  • mounted an issue where performing definite gestures with the Felyne Ishvalda Raiment α+ equipped would cause unnatural habits.
  • fastened an argument where the participant would be despatched flying in an unintentional direction in the event that they are hit with livid Rajang’s pin attack while wearing the Rocksteady Mantle.
  • Tweaked the position of the Demonlord Mace sword & defend while sheathed.
  • mounted a controversy the place canceling a grapple off of a monster close certain walls/boundaries in the tundra place of the Guiding Lands would result in the player getting stuck in the back of the wall or out of bounds.
  • fastened a controversy that led to certain weapon poses to seem unnatural when a Glavenus or Acidic Glavenus insect glaive became geared up.
  • mounted a controversy where a participant who was grappled onto a monster could be forcibly dropped when a dual blades user would hit a monster with the grab claw’s wonderful attack all through on-line play.
  • Mitigated a controversy that brought about the participant to take harm regardless of efficaciously performing Foresight scale back.
  • mounted a controversy the place pendants couldn’t be seen when the Banuk Coil α+ and an Aloy bow were outfitted at the equal time.
  • fastened a controversy the place, when poisoned, the consuming animation for the use of certain gadgets would be canceled.
  • mounted an argument the place, when definite situations were met, the player would operate a protect animation with a weapon drawn.




  • added evidence to the Squad tutorial to state that sub-leaders can also invite avid gamers to the squad.
  • fastened an argument with the obtainable Quests display for the Guiding Lands, the place under certain conditions, gamers from one quest would appear in a quest session that has no players in it.
  • fixed an argument where planned analysis requests would be unlocked by an as of yet unavailable adventure.
  • fastened an issue the place data remained on the customized radial menu when obtaining the wrong merchandise.
  • fastened a controversy where an error would happen when checking add-on content whereas online.
  • different miscellaneous computer virus fixes have also been made.


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